18 October 2006

Beetroot Dip

This dip is available at any Turkish restaurant in Melbourne. I have never seen its recipe in a Turkish cookbook. Nor have I come across with the dip in Turkey! I got the recipe from a friend two years ago, and since then, have made on several occasions. I use tinned beetroot, and have also noted the recipe on one of the tins. It is very easy to make and so tasty. Great with Turkish pide or water crackers, and goes well with hummus.

This recipe is for fresh beetroots.

3 beetroots
5 tablespoon of Greek yoghurt
1 clove garlic
a pinch of salt

Boil the beetroots (or cook in microwave oven with two spoonfuls of water, covered for four minutes). Let it cool. (If using tinned beetroot, drain the liquid, and proceed).

Mix the beetroots and the garlic clove in the blender.

Place the mixture into a bowl, add salt and yoghurt.

Sprinkle dried mint and drizzle with olive oil for serving.

P.S. Last time, I added a teaspoonful cayenne pepper. It gave a nice bite to it.

The Turkish recipe is here.


Anonymous said...

thank you useful and nice page u have

Helna Sijo said...

Thanks for the recipe.. Am gonna make it today.. I know i have had the betroot dip in melbourne and i guess they have a name for it.. cant recollect that.. they also have pumpkin dip too.. hope u can collect that one too.. Best wishes..

Ceviz said...

Hi Helna, The beetroot dip is pancar mezesi in Turkish, and simply called beetroot dip in Melbourne. Pumpkin dip is not Turkish; what you would have had would be an interpretation, as Turkish eat pumpkin as dessert!