09 August 2007

Tahini with Grape Syrup

Tahin Pekmez

Only three weeks left before the end of winter in the southern hemisphere, and winter is already milder with 17 degree days in Melbourne and clear blue sky. But this is no excuse to skip tahin-pekmez, which is a Turkish breakfast spread and a great winter-warmer (is this a real word?). You simply mix tahini with grape syrup. It is a great nutty taste, but one that not everyone is into. It is partly to do with the fact that not everyone in Turkey eats sweet spreads for breakfast when there is the option of feta cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers to be eaten with fresh bread and tea. I usually start breakfast with a cheese slice (often feta) on bread, and finish with jam/marmalade or tahin pekmez with bread again (not a big breakfast though, as I cut one slice into half).

Tahini is a sesame seed paste that is available in most supermarkets, and often known as the base for hummus. Grape syrup is a type of molasse that is thick and full of nutrition.

To make tahin-pekmez, simply add 1/2 measure of grape syrup to 1 measure of tahini. Mix until the grape syrup is soaked into the tahini. Spread on a slice of white bread. Don't hesitate to change ratios, depending on whether you like it more nutty versus sweet.

To purchase tahini and grape syrup online, visit Turkish market online.


jeena said...

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Anonymous said...

I almost swooned with delight when I happened upon your blog! I visited turkey in May and jsut loved the food. Can't wait to try some of your recipes